The INS's General Secretary's Report

Navigation Was Always a Difficult Art
The International Necronautical Society's General Secretary's Report on the interviews, discussions, screenings and performances conducted during the INS's residency in the Office of Anti-Matter, Austrian Cultural Institute, London, March 21st to April 4th 2001.
In 2001 the INS were invited to take up residency for two weeks in the Office of Anti-Matter in the gallery of the Austrian Cultural Institute. There, INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy received and interviewed prominent writers, artists and philosophers whose work engages themes which resonate with the concerns of the INS. The interviews were transcribed and can be read here.
On March 8th 2002 at 6-30 pm in the Council Room of the Royal Geographical Society McCarthy presented his report on the residency, analysing and comparing the depositions of his guests and extrapolating from these interim conclusions about the future direction of the INS.
The General Secretary's Report is published by Vargas Organisation Press. To purchase a copy, please mail Copies can be purchased directly at the Serpentine Gallery bookshop and the Bookartbookshop, London, and the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.
The Royal Geographical Society
INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy delivers his report in the Council Room of the Royal Geographical Society
Frontispiece to the publication of the report, explaining the system
of the text (drawing: Tom McCarthy/Anthony Auerbach).