INS Residency at the Austrian Cultural Institute
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International Necronautical Society at the ACI: Schedule of Appointments
Wednesday March 21:
6 pm: Press Evening; Opening of Office; Performance by Alexander Hamilton
Thursday March 22:
11 am: Matt Parker
2 pm: Luke McKeown
Friday March 23:
11 am: Simon Critchley
3 pm: Nandita Ghose
5:30 pm: Screening of Luke McKeown's Fridge
6:30 pm: Screening of Chris Marker's La Jetee
7:45 pm: Screening of Chris Marker's Sans Soleil
Saturday March 24:
7 pm: Screening of Andrei Tarkovsky's Solaris
Sunday March 25:
Office closed
Monday March 26:
11 am: Ricky Seabra
3 pm: Sally Hampson
Tuesday March 27:
11 am: Shane Brighton
3 pm: Rut Blees Luxemburg
Wednesday March 28:
3 pm: Alastair Gentry
Thursday March 29:
3 pm: Paul Perry
Friday March 30:
11 am: Melissa McCarthy
4 pm: Mark Aerial Waller
6:30 pm: Screening of Mark Aerial Waller's Sons of Temperance
7 pm: Screening of Fred Uhlmer's The Black Cat
Saturday March 31:
7 pm: Screening of Jean Cocteau's Le Sang d'un Poete
8 pm: Screening of Jean Cocteau's Orphee
Sunday April 1:
Office closed
Monday April 2:
3 pm: Rod Dickinson
Tuesday April 3:
11 am: Margarita Gluzberg
3 pm:Will Self
Wednesday April 4: 11 am: Sophy Griffiths and Isabel Rocamora (Momentary Fusion)
3 pm: Stewart Home
6 pm: closing party