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Calling All Agents: INS Broadcasting Unit

Calling All Agents
International Necronautical Society (INS) Broadcasting Unit
Institute of Contemporary Arts London
87.7 FM in London and worldwide, 24 hrs daily
8-13 April 2004

The Scripts and Transcripts

INS Radio output was configured according to the protocols developed by INS General Secretary Tom McCarthy in his Report Calling All Agents: Transmission, Death, Technology (December 2003). For each transmission session, a theme was set by the INS Communication and Encoding Subcommittee. Dactylographic assistants were then assigned posts from which to harvest lines of text that fell within the theme's parameters. The texts, garnered from live radio, television, fax and telephone transmissions, as well as newspaper, internet, book and archival media, were projected onto the walls of the transmission room by means of overhead projectors. As they thus appeared, they were re-entered into a laptop by a secretary seated at the Communication and Encoding Subcommittee Table (C.E.S.T.) and printed out, as a single long stream of text, for C.E.S.T. officials' scrutiny. These officials then decided upon which metrical and rhythmical procedures to bring to bear on the text streams, and cut them up and reassembled them according to the rules of this procedure, thus producing final broadcast scripts. These scripts were given transmission clearance and then carried up to the radio booth where they were broadcast over the airwaves in London and streamed to collaborating radio stations worldwide.

The INS Communication and Encoding Subcommittee will publish full transcripts of all INS Broadcasts at a later date. For the present, it has been decided that a single session's script will be made available for public scrutiny.

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